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Introducing Am Baines, a thirtysomething single attempting to bring back an old school way of dating.Single for two years, she found the online dating world and the nightlife of today tedious at best.I am not the only person who feels a certain nostalgia lately surrounding the '90s/early 2000s.

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This nostalgia brings sharply into focus how much simpler dating used to be, before meeting people became more challenging than keeping your Tamagotchis alive.

When you don't like the dating scene, create your own.

Could you sit in a darkened room with the potential ‘one’ not knowing what you’re eating?

Nope, it’s not some sort of bush tucker trial – welcome to Dans le Noir, a restaurant where you’ll be plunged into darkness and the blind waiters will be the only people guiding you! As you enter, choose from three menus – vegetarian, meat or the scariest ‘surprise’ menu, then wince as you’re lead into complete darkness (think Thorpe Park on Halloween) while you imagine if your date has a) done a runner b) spilt wine down themselves yet or c) realised you’ve abolished all your table manners and started eating with your hands.

His head is kinda small, compared to the rest of his body, but he has a nice sweet voice, like the boy next door or something. He should now give up cricket and do something meaningful, like, um, become the Prime Minister or something.

Think you’ve done it all when it comes to dating in London? If like me you’ve been on a trillion and one dates in London town and get bored of the conventional pub dates – why not impress them with your knowledge of some of London’s more different [email protected] Burger and Lobster Bib – check. If you’re more ‘prim and proper’ when it comes to food than ‘getting stuck in’ for fear of looking silly in front of your date then STOP and avoid this date at all costs – because things are about to get a little bit messy!

February marks the two-month anniversary of me giving the boot to online dating.

I found myself exhausted by the endless parade of profiles, inappropriate messages, misrepresentation, and the general drudgery that accompanies dating via the world wide web. How does one meet people these days without the internet?

And even if the date doesn’t work out at least you’ve got something to take away with you – a transferable skill.

Then sit back as you wow your next date, add ‘wine tasting’ to your list of hobbies, or just impress everyone at that next party with your amazing wine [email protected] Dans le noir How brave are you?

This pisses me off no end, and no, I'm not going to link because the last thing I would want to do is give them what they want, but really, why do you hate us, oh anonymous male blogger? I think the answer to all of the above is hell, yeah.b) Meeting people, who comment on the blog, and were one of the few remaining people in the WORLD who didn't know who I *really* am.


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