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Probably the best match I've come across in the last few years.

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Not sure if a phone call is possible as I'm not sure how good the reception is where she is, plus I'd rather not put her in an awkward situation if she's with her daughter. Send her one and see if she replies and what she says. :)Send ONE along the lines of 'Hope your having a great time.

What do people think, should I send a quick message, or wait until after she got back? Looking forward to hearing about it when you get back' and then leave it alone unless she replies - and for goodness sake, don't get all p1ssy if she doesn't. When I'm on vacation, especially with family, I tend to leave my phone alone for days, perhaps glancing at it once a day or less, so don't think anything if she doesn't respond or waits until she gets back. Yeah I was just going to say I don't pay much attention to my phone when I'm on vacation. I'd wait until she got back, then ask her for a date with a definite, decisive plan.

But I'm prepared to be corrected which is why I posted.

I'm not saying I don't want to wait 6-7 days, I can (not sure about 2 weeks).

These are not the mundane things like parasailing or hiking through a rain forest.

Depending on your destination, you might find yourself: — Deep-sea fishing from a private yacht.

While these cruises can be booked directly at Singles, do something nice for your local economy and ask the cruise expert at your local travel agency to book it for you. If you need to find a good local agent, check out and search for one in your backyard. And of course, for the world traveler, 10 men, 10 women, one groovy English Manor.

The price is the same, and there is no better resource than your local agent. Flirt Vacations offers unique, fun, no-pressure getaways and events for upscale singles in selected metropolitan areas.

They shy away from the mundane and seek a destination where every detail is covered. — Lounging with friends in a “groovy private bar.” — Enjoying a beachside Tai Chi class or poolside massage. The tagline (which is more than PR) is one of the best descriptions of any vacation I have ever seen, single or not: “Nothing’s Mandatory, Everything’s Possible!

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