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just because she treats her fans nicely doesn't make her a good person all around 2.

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Manager succeeds in persuading him so JYP paid half and Wooyoung paid off. At the Dream High concert, rumor got out that Wooyoung and IU shared a meal together.

Wooyoung explained exactly what happened in #1 but IU went around saying, 'Wooyoung oppa voluntarily bought me expensive rib eye' making it sound like he liked her. IU talked about that all over radio and broadcast, in all her interviews. Simon D's expression looks like he already knows what she's trying to do ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 5.

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Your ISTJ iu and eunhyuk not dating much rather you sit down datiing discuss your nlt with him or her so that they have plenty of time to arrange their schedule.

When IU realized that the photo of her and the Super Junior rapper had gone viral, she was horrified. "Since I did it myself, I thought, who should I feel the most apologetic to? Or should I be sorry to the people who loved [Eunhyuk]?

" She recalled being torn about what her proper response to the leaked photo should be.

| AM EDT 2PM's Nichkhun and Chansung help actor Lee Jung Jin in "My House Has Appeared" as they refurbish a home: Nichkhun interviews Scarlett Johansson in KBS2's "Entertainment Weekly" episode aired on March 18.

A photo of Super Junior’s Eunhyuk shirtless and IU in her pajama’s is currently going around.

"Our company will be reporting this rumor to the police and take legal action against the person who first spread the rumors as well as the people who spread the rumors actively...


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