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We do a lot of looking and studying and trying to figure out "what color is that really? Like we'll go to the metaphor that you have in your head and try to take a deeper look at the color that's happening.

And there's this whole wide amazing range to be embodied visually. At this point in time, millions of pictures of genitals are available online — and what a bizarre and beautiful concept that is.

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And certainly any time, me personally, I came across something that looked interesting or curious while watching pornography, I would take a screengrab and drop it in a folder so when it came to drawing, I would pull up my inspiration board. The way that Tumblr embraces a wide range of genitals ...

they're really specific and inclusive, so what used to be a genital idiosyncrasy now has a community. And you can look up all these different kinds of penises to find that they are all normal.

Today, Flirtmoji — the startup that showed off dildos, breasts, and booty-call icons last year — released what might be the most diverse set of vagina emoji ever designed.

These stickers are racially diverse, asymmetrical, and unapologetically hairy — and now you can paste them into messaging apps as needed. I was an icon designer before starting Flirtmoji, and symmetry is something that's really valued with icons, for legibility and for keeping everything balanced.

To find out how these vaginas came to be, These vaginas are incredibly diverse. So that's very much how we approached Flirtmoji and how Katy and I started drawing genitals.

And, you know, after drawing maybe a dozen penises and vaginas, we thought things would be more interesting when things are a little bit off-kilter.It's basically as small as you can make something crisp within an icon. It's one of the first ones that I really broke the symmetry on, and it looks more like a vagina after breaking the symmetry.Whereas in the past, it was 2 pixels and in a 100-pixel icon that was not a lot of room to make something really hairy. JY: My personal favorite has a dark-pink clitoral hood, and a really lippy labia. Do you mean that one that — I want to say — is kind of flappy? Something about it actually became sexier to me, or easier to identify. I think it's the one with the purple lips and the orange buzzcut.Watch as Donald Trump cruises through the Red Light district, tells Chris Christie to open up his bridge, duels with Jeb Bush, encounters Oreo cookie men, picks up Sarah Palin, solves America’s illegal immigration problems and bombs Iran.Subscribe to stay updated on all the top stories: https://Lelah took several screenshots, masked out Kanye to transparency, and started sending pictures of Kanye on things to her friend and collaborator, Net Artist & writer Paul Miller.


  1. Subtract major points for fuzzy/out of focus/mug shot/creepy head chopped in half, and even more for those that feature dirty laundry in the background, or ex-girlfriends not so cleverly cropped out of the frame.

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