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Thoughts like that were better left to his hopelessly romantic best friend and partner in crime, Kim Taehyung. x w x kyungsoo: The point is, Chanyeol, you need to stop dabbing. kyungsoo: I’m worried you’ll become even /more/ of an idiot if this behavior continues, and I genuinely think I’d die because of all that stupidity. She then finds herself attracted to the newly appointed demon lord, Suho Kim.

It's a one in a million chance, but a twist of fate brings a strange wolf into Jimin's life and it changes things forever. More than they originally thought.___A series of drabbles in which Junmyeon is a kitty and EXO dotes on him. kyungsoo: At this point, I’m actually concerned for your wellbeing. Junmyeon has been abused through his childhood and when his mother found out she takes him with her and moves to South Carolina. Kristina must decide between whether to do her duty and kill him, or go against her clan's orders.

A press release that featured an explanation from Madonna herself about the idea behind the scent said: 'My oldest memory of my mother is her perfume.

Even when he was a pup, Park Jimin never even dreamed that he would find his soulmate. Soft friends with benefits Chanyeol/Baekhyun at the start. Kristina is a witch who hunts demons and other unearthly beasts in order to protect the far more weaker creatures; especially the humans.

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Junmyeon was draped in silk and decorated with jewels, but Junmyeon really, really wished that he at least had some underwear on right now. But no matter how much he hoped, the chilly air on his bare legs reminded him of the fact that he wouldn't be able to get any even if he begged desperately on his knees. And a new place means a new school and a new school means new people. “Your move, Wu.” Junmyeon said, his foot tapping nervously, the action hidden from anyone’s eyes by the tablecloth.“Do you still love me Jun?

Such actions would result in punishment, and Junmyeon most definitely did not want to ruin his record of going three years without a whipping. He's lucky to find a few nice people early on, but he soon realizes that most kids aren't as friendly like they were in his school back in North Carolina. ” Yifan wondered aloud, smiling when he saw the way his question made Junmyeon clutch at his cards tighter.

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