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The iconic example of this is when Petr "Littlefinger" Baelish delivers a whoring masterclass to two young wenches reclining behind a strategically placed fruit bowl, while also explaining the history of his major jones for Catelyn Tully.This leads to such incredible exchanges as one girl, while merrily fisting her fellow student, proclaiming: "I do believe my lord's in love!It leads her to make the painful decision to chain her dragons up – making her, in a sense, no different to the slavers she's fought to overthrow.

In the wake of King Joffrey's predictable cowardice at the battle of Blackwater, it falls to Tyrion to rally the troops as Stannis Baratheon's battering room knocks at the King's Landing gate.

Dinklage plays the moment with a perfect mix of dread and bravado, imploring the men to fight, not for the King, but for themselves.

A great performance from Alfie Allen and a deeply-unsettling one by Iwan Rheon.

The scene is pivotal in marking Theon's transformation to his post-torture alter-ego "Reek".

By cutting off Theon's favourite body part, Ramsay robs him of his identity and ensures the Bolton's have a loyal dog eager to do their bidding, eventually ensuring Roose Bolton becomes the uncontested Warden Of The North.

has a different approach – let's call it "peneconferencing" – in which boring backstory is delivered while characters are, well, you know.Arrogant, disloyal and a child-murderer, most would argue he deserves everything he endures at the hands of Ramsay Snow.Theon spent most of season three being tortured but things took an even darker turn when he was freed and seduced by two maidens before Ramsay re-appeared and removed Greyjoy's manhood.Not to kill him, of course, just to let him know he's a bastard of the other kind this time.There are few more poisoned chalices for an actor than the rousing battle speech.These two characters realise instantly that they have a lot in common; both have both grown up frustrated at the box society wants to put them in, and Brienne has fought hard to retain her own identity in a world where a woman in armour is considered ridiculous.


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