Self updating website

When you install a package into your Web Application Project, you use the standard Nu Get client within Visual Studio.

But when you deploy your website, the custom Nu Get client within the live website will install the website package into a different location.

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Moojy's website packages include everything you need to get online and visible in search engines.

You can manage your website or online shop by simply accessing your online Admin Control Panel from any computer with an internet connection to add and edit your content.

Since then we haven't tried to search for any third-party tools which would do the same.

Despite trying several things I couldn't get this to work so instead I created a console application with a configuration file amended for each client that they can run themselves or even add as a scheduled task which seems to be working out pretty well.

For example, when we deployed the release candidate for Nu Get, the Visual Studio Extension Manager displayed the release in the Updates section.

Likewise, Nu Get lets you easily see updates for installed packages.Looking for an affordable website solution to get online or increase your existing visibility in search engines?Moojy provides affordable website solutions and ecommerce solutions to get you online and selling your product and goods nationally and internationally.I am trying to get an existing web application to update from within itself.We have alot of different clients using the application all with different connection strings so it can't be just a simple deploy.The flexability of our websites give you total control of how you manage your online presence.


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