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Finally, National HIV Testing Day is next week on June 27th.

If you’re reading this after that day, please replace it with any date in the next month.

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The failure of our private insurance and public health programs to cover lipodystrophy correction surgeries for long-term HIV survivors is both unacceptable and discriminatory.

It's time to ensure that these long-term HIV survivors receive the healthcare they need, including correction of this debilitating health condition.” Lipodystrophy was a major side effect from early antiviral medications in the 1990s. And it manifests itself significantly, causing pain, headaches, restricted movement, and sleep deprivation in many cases.

What is the longest time that someone has lived with the AIDS virus active in their body? Is it possible for a person with AIDS or HIV to live a full long life? POZ in its March issue published two articles on National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and HIV/AIDS among long-distance truck drivers in the U. and im not saying to others what to do in their life with hiv. I am reluctant to hear the same thing over and over again but still l want to...

Rosemell Ong'udi and her daughter, Loyce Mbewa-Ong'udi -- who runs the Rabuor Read more » ... Especially with people complaining of Parasthesias other mild... I m not an "alternative freak" so dont get me wrong here.

Current HIV meds do not cause lipodystrophy, yet many HIV-positive people stop taking antiretrovirals out of fear of getting it.

Additionally, men and women have become depressed because of disfigurements in their bodies due to the condition, so they'll isolate themselves from the world.

Many long-term HIV survivors who took highly toxic medications ended up receiving a condition known as lipodystrophy, which causes changes in body fat distribution (mainly in the belly and upper back).

For most people, lipodystrophy significantly effects their physical health and psychological wellbeing.

The person being asked may not have tested recently. Or is lying because they’re afraid, or ashamed, or nervous, or don’t feel safe being honest because of ramifications about which you have no idea. Thus, the ignorance and danger of The Stupid Question. It is not your right to berate them for their response.


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