Jasmine cam pink

Whatever the case, you'll have to stream yourself through a web cam portal, one of the massive sites that catalogues thousands of models and acts as a go-between between customer and model.

And when that time comes, you'll have thousands upon thousands of girls ready to swivel and smile for you in real time.

It's a massive catalogue of preening women of every variety: big, skeletal, black, white, Asian, American, Greek, Czech, etc.

Odds are, you're referred by a newspaper or website listing. Maybe you're shifting from traditional strip club work to the online equivalent — a popular trend in wealthier countries.

Maybe you're working in a brothel where web camming is just another expectation.

If you think cam girls — those flirty naked characters that plague porn site pop-up ads — are raking in easy money, you're right.

If you think cam girls are bleakly stripping online out of desperation, you're also right.

They invade your peripheral vision; they pop up behind your window.

The women wait for you to start staring, and, just when you're interested, they hit you up for money.

You'll need to submit some sort of identification proving your age, but with standards low, laws international, and documents scanned, forging such a thing is a cinch, making underage cam girls a real problem. Trying to find who actually owns it is dizzying: The domain belongs to Flying Crocodile Incorporated, which has a PO box in Seattle.


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