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The following Monday at school, every boy in class knew. We all knew there was a reason why Cinemax was nicknamed "Skinemax." So it began: our torrid teenage love affair with clandestine, sound-turned-down, soft-focus sex. Earlier generations had "dirty magazines" by flashlight. So, how does a premium cable channel remake itself for a brave new world where Skinemax is merely the bare Skinimum? Of its three original prime-time series, one is a British import ("Strike Back") and one has already been canceled after one season ("Hunted"), leaving only "Banshee," which has been renewed for a second season to air next year, to generate something of a cult following.

Answer: The same way HBO and Showtime did, shifting focus away from movies and onto original and exclusive programming. They get people talking, and if you spoil an episode, you risk grievous bodily harm. As of now, onetime also-ran Starz reaches more viewers and generates more buzz with its lineup of shows like "Magic City" and the recently concluded "Spartacus." Still, Cinemax hasn't forgotten its target demographic.

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You’re tired from your active and fulfilling work life, and you’re tired of the glances you receive when people hear you’re still single.

But, most of all, you’re tired of going on bad dates.

Cinemax's "Zane's Sex Chronicles" is based on the works of erotica writer Zane.

And "The Girl's Guide to Depravity" is based on producer Heather Rutman's blog and book about her dating experiences in Hollywood.

But the crown jewel of the Cinemax After Dark lineup is "Femme Fatales." Taking its title from a long-running entertainment magazine that focused mostly on B-movie actresses and "scream queens," "Femme Fatales" is an anthology series that blends film noir plots and O.

Henry twist endings with the maximum skin After Dark is known for.

Fourteen years of coaching women means Evan has shattered a lot of myths, including the commonly accepted notion that most relationships are hard work.

“Good relationships should be fundamentally easy,” Evan said.

Sex sells, but in a buyer's market, Cinemax is still trying to differentiate itself.

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