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The two musicians look to have found love but now, because we love gossip and live in a world where celebs willingly splash their lives across social media for us, we know that The Weeknd’s ex girlfriend Bella Hadid has unfollowed Selena on Instagram. (Let us make it clear, we are also not cool with The Weeknd making the call to date his ex’s friend – this is not a sexism thing.But everyone is talking about Selena betraying the sisterhood so that’s what we’re going to focus on.) So, this is how the messy triangle works: Bella and The Weeknd dated for nearly two years, before splitting in November 2016.Or they tell you in no uncertain terms that you can’t – and that leaves them feeling like the bad guy who may have just ruined someone’s happiness forever. And yeah, it seems the older you get the smaller the pool of available people becomes.

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pulling reeds from the lake, construction, landscaping and running a chain saw team. he was living off Linda in a Simi Valley mansion on a lake. We've learned Linda and Charlie struck a settlement when they split -- he promised confidentiality and she let him keep his truck, dirt bike and the engagement ring he gave her. So Linda's lawyer, Ray Rafool, has filed a lawsuit against Charlie asking for an order gagging him.

According to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, her ex-toy boy, Charlie Hill, is suing her for $1.5 million, citing the heavy quantity of menial labour the reality star made him perform during their relationship.

The now 25-year-old claims the 54-year-old ex-wife of Hulk Hogan had him fertilize 25 acres of avocado trees, dig a creek, wax the yacht, pull reeds from the lake, and work in construction and landscaping.

Apparently, the lawsuit is in violation of a settlement that Linda and Charlie reached when they broke up.

Notice how The Weeknd isn’t getting the same criticism for going for his ex’s friend?

In short: Selena Gomez can date whoever the f*** she wants. Selena Gomez is reportedly dating The Weeknd – well, she’s definitely snogging him in public. It looks like Selena may have broken the ‘girl code’ and that is not something we can get on board with.

Selena and Bella and The Weeknd aren’t the first – Rihanna is also, understandably, unhappy that her pal Jennifer Lopez is now hooking up with Drake, and Nina Dobrev and Nikki Reed both dated Ian Somerhalder.

And yes, maybe Selena and Bella and co have some sort of agreement where they don’t mind sharing their exes – after all Taylor and Gigi both dated Joe Jonas – but honestly, if you’re happy to ignore a good friend’s feelings for the possibility of some good sex, and maybe love, then you’re not the sort of friend I’d recommend.

They’re clearly not going to end up together, and you and their ex should both be free to find love – even if it ends up being with each other.

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