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During his time working for Browning, Harrison traveled the globe, showcasing the products on behalf of the company.

They would them construct up to 5,000 of those specific types of knives for Browning to sell.

After putting in 40 hours researching and hands-on testing 23 different knives over three years, we found that this knife has it all.

After three months of testing, the Milwaukee Fastback Flip Utility Knife with Blade storage is our new pick.

Lots of them served, especially early during the war, when there were not enough knives to go around for all the troops.

Here is one that is not of top quality, but has an interesting military history. Made during the second world war, as a private purchase combat knife.

"You just have to think through how you're going to go at it." One of the first knives he ever constructed was a kitchen knife for his mother. Then when all the other woman on the street saw it, they wanted one.

It kind of took off running from there." Harrison spent the early years of his career perfecting the craft of handmaking knives.

Sorry I always seem to have a comment about knives posted. As Tom proves, these were popular here in Michigan. I have come to know that the smaller the knife, the more skilled and experienced the deer hunter is). I for one don't mind it a bit, I really appreciate the extra time it takes for you to type it out. Indiana and years ago when I was a teen I drove up 131 to Howard City and purchased a Lee Olsen knife from Lee himself. These ads were probably reassuring to the GIs fighting (they had access to magazines through the USO and other sources) and the homefront workers that sooner rather than later, the war would be over, and good times back again. Its a medium heavy blade, about 1/8" at spine, and about 9" long overall.

Just that- to me- the knife is nothing but steel; to really appreciate it, one must know about it's history, who made it, how it was made, things like that. This is the Kinfolks M3 that my uncle carried as he toured Europe during the second world war. It was my carry knife for deer hunting for many years and field dressed and skinned many a deer. I think Fiskars is the manufacturer, but I have been unable to confirm that as fact. Time for fighting men to return to field and stream, and the ads do, I think, play on the indominable American spirit that helped win the war.

We’ve changed our recommendation for a safety knife to the Irwin 2088600 Self Retracting Safety Knife.

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