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As webcams become more popular, the I-Team has found that many of these cameras have default passwords.

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A readme file is included in the source and binary distributions to aid in initial setup, but most setup is done through the web interface. If the user's permission level is less than the camera's permission level, the user cannot view the camera. Why would I use this when most software NVRs can do everything this does and a lot more? It is also very efficient with CPU and memory if your cameras support jpg or mjpg transmission via HTTP, as almost no image processing will be required.

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A lot of these cameras come with the password set at "password" or "admin.” Unless people change it, someone could easily break in.

So experts recommend that people change it now and make sure their privacy is protected.People can do the same thing with many cameras unless its owner takes steps to protect their privacy.“They can look up the address of the person who pays the bill.And it could be your baby sleeping or if could be an older relative home alone and they could figure out where it is,” the I-Team asked.“Correct,” Canoni said. People need to go find the manual for their webcam and see if there's a way to set a unique password.(firefox has some flickering issues with the live camera images on the built-in camera pages, though) Setup Guide Setup Guide Who is it for? A simple (and optional) authentication scheme is in place.The service is for programmers and very computer literate people who want: Though it works well already, the service is still in development stages and there may be bugs. Cameras have a permission level from 0 to 100 and so do user accounts.The camera does not have a secret password, so he was able to log in to the camera itself and grab the IP Address that identifies the camera online.“So I look up that IP address to see who owns it, and then I can see here the owner and the address,” Canoni said.


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