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I never thought I’d be the type of guy to think of it as spiritual or involving energy, but when the energy is good, everybody lands.

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Can you give us a rundown on the history behind the Nitro Circus brand?

Nitro Circus started out with the foam pit in my backyard.

Recently, he’s taken his show on the road with the non-stop, no hold barred tour that is Nitro Circus Live. Think more along the lines of over 40 riders in skate, BMX, freestyle motorcross, roller blades, and more performing stunts that defy the law of physics and make for an amazing live experience.

While bringing the tour to Madison Square Garden for the first time, we chopped it up with Pastrana and got him to reveal the next record-breaking stunt he plans to land, what it’s like to finally bring the show to the states, and that one stunt he strongly recommends we don’t try at home.

Most of the guys on the tour are just really passionate about what they do, whether it’s scooters, big wheels or BMX. Let’s travel the world and do a live tour.” However, I always wanted to see the world.

My wife [Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins] is a skater, and always wanted to go to nice places. For every successful stunt we’ve seen, there have been some equally crazy wipeouts.

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World records are nothing new to Ms Van Vugt, whose previous records include being the first woman to backflip a dirt bike, performing the longest backflip and backflipping a dirtbike over Arizona's Grand Canyon, according to Sky News.

[Laughs] This is the first time you guys get to set up shop in Madison Square Garden, which is easily one of the most monumental spots in the world.


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