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Libros con estúpidos protagonistas con a¡Joder, con las ganas que le tenía a este libro!Me encantó la sinopsis, era innovadora y parecía un libro divertido.In fact, even if gold was delicious, there’s only one percent of it in gold medals being handed out in London.

I don't have a clue what this was about, no character made a lick of sense to me.

One part it was about a strained relationship, but who were the characters?

If they were solid gold, given their dimensions and the current price of gold, they would be worth about $45,000 (enough for Ryan Lochte to buy two new diamond grills). Biting the gold appears to be about emotions and recent history, with some ancient history thrown in for good measure. At some point an Olympian did this, and the tradition started.

While nobody can quite pin down when the first gold medalist posed taking a faux bite, the theory about why goes like this: Back when coins were made of real gold, people often bit them to ensure they were actual gold. Now, Olympians bite their medals because that’s what they’ve seen others do.

No doubt you’ve seen countless images of that last bullet point. What possesses a newly crowned Olympic champion to pose with their prize pretending it was a milk-chocolate treat instead of the reward for being at the top of your chosen sport?

Gold medals definitely aren’t made of anything tasty.

¿Y he dicho ya que tengo debilidad por las historias de mejores amigos? Solo he mirado las últimas páginas, muy pocas, pero las suficientes para ver que era un libro cerdito.

Vamos, de esos en los que los protagonistas se acuestan entre si pero también se acuestan con otros, y sí, todo a la vez.

61 percent from Great Britain and 44 percent from the US).

• More than 15 percent bit their gold medals (24 percent of the men and five percent of the women).

Case in point: Some fascinating research by the Wall Street Journal.


  1. When the first convocation was held in 1897, the group was originally known simply as the "Church of God." Many Holiness Christian groups and fellowships forming at the time wanted biblical names for their local churches and fellowships such as "Church of God, Church of Christ, or Church of the Living God"; they rejected names such as Baptist, Methodist, or Episcopal. Mason believed that God had given him such a name for the group, the "Church of God in Christ". This Holiness group/fellowship adopted the name Church of God in Christ and COGIC began to grow throughout the South. COGIC continues to maintain its official position as an opponent against legalizing same-sex marriage and regards homosexuality, infidelity and any other sexual immorality as inconsistent with Scripture.

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