Cahana fuckign

Almost the entire time coming down Schofield-Waikane, we were getting pummeled by endless amounts of rain to the point where we just took off our shirts -- not Lei -- and jetted down the trail to keep our body heat in check.

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It’s hilarious.” If you’re wondering what the hoodie-and-flip-flop crowd make of this Russian gazelle, she might have an idea.

“They’re probably saying, ‘Here’s Anne V again—wearing all black.’ It’s funny; you can actually spot the New Yorkers in San Francisco.

From there we walked to my house and finished around pm.

Drove Kelven's car all the way back to Kahana to drop Lei, Ryan, and Johhny off at their cars; arrived in Kahana a tad before 9pm.

From there we hiked southeast along a short, beautiful stretch along the KST to the Schofield-Waikane trail.

Upon reaching the Schofield-Waikane trail, we descended it all the way to California Avenue to Wahiawa Heights.The proof is in the pages—captured here by Gilles Bensimon on a boat in Saint-Tropez, taking a welcome break from motherhood for a few glamorous days.(Flying home from the shoot, she tweeted to her 468,000 followers: “Bye Saint-Tropez you have been real! She’s not just a mother to one- year-old Alaska but also now a stepmom to Cahan’s two children from a previous marriage. And yet, when we meet for coffee in Manhattan’s West Village, what she really wants to talk about is decidedly less titillating. Another impressive (if less attractive) American, F. She tucks her impressively long legs underneath the table and gets right to the point. V was a straight-A student in Russia and wants me to know that she approached the exam with a similar resolve; she didn’t want to pass the test so much as crush it. This is Anne V—competitive, unflappable and now a proud American, speaking nearly perfect English like someone who learned the language watching TV news.The aesthetic premise of these critiques — that in making a documentary with the industrial and stylistic resources of commercial entertainment cinema, Morris violated a law of genre separating documentary from other forms of screen culture.


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