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This example is referencing an existing user, hence "updated User".

Calling this method updates an existing record in the database with the column values passed into the method.

A record is a data structure for storing a fixed number of elements.

If I understand correctly, "updated User" is an instance of an object already populated with a First Or Default() or similar, so I am updating only the properties I changed and setting others to ISModified=false. But, what I am trying to do is to update an object without populating it first, without making any First Or Default() bofore the update.

This is when I receive an error if I don't specify a value for all the requiered fields, even thoug I set ISModified = false on those properties. Property(e =This seems like a really nice solution - no muss or fuss; you don't have to manually specify properties and it takes into account all of the OPs bullets - is there any reason this does not have more votes?

Although the parameter takes a dataset, the Table Adapter attempts to save all changes in the Table Adapter's associated Data Table to the database.

(This includes removing any rows deleted from the table, adding rows inserted in the table, and updating any rows in the table that have changed.) Table Adapters provide different ways to update records in a database depending on the requirements of your application.It has named fields and is similar to a struct in C.Record expressions are translated to tuple expressions during compilation. If no default value is supplied, A record definition can be placed anywhere among the attributes and function declarations of a module, but the definition must come before any usage of the record.You leave out the fields you will definitely not be updating, grab the entry from the database using the form passed back by attaching it, and tell the entry that those fields aren't being modified.Model validation is controlled in the Model State, not in the context.NET MVC3 environment, but so far none of them tick all of the boxes I need. I have found three methods to which I'll mention the pros and cons: Method 1 - Load original record, update each property Use View Models and a good mapping engine ?

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