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It’s chosen for the four number ones of 11/11, an appropriate date to be dateless.

In a country with 118 boys born for every 100 girls, the main function of the festival seems to be making all of China’s single twigs feel inadequate. ” to a handful of partnerless Chinese friends, I got back the same curt reply from three: “Sleeping.” I’ll know better than to ask next year.

Annual membership fees range from 3000 to 10,000 yuan, and over 40,000 lonely souls have signed up to its associated website. One hundred yuan bought me past the front desk, into an open space with plush booths for strangers to sit and talk.

We were told to pass a count along the circle, but to say “pass” for every number which included, or was a multiple of, seven. It’s a game I played at school, so I didn’t embarrass myself.

If you slipped up, you had to go into the middle of the circle and introduce yourself, then field a question.

As I built more confidence and improved my ability to attract women during a conversation, I got to a point where at least 5 out 10 of the women would tick on their forms to be able to meet me again and would then follow up with a few of them to have some casual sex.

Not all of the women are extremely beautiful at speed dating, but there are usually at least a few that are hot, cute or pretty enough to have sex with.

Singles Day is mostly about online shopping sales now, but there are also a spattering of singles’ events in Beijing on the night.

Speed dating is increasingly popular in China, as young urban people in full-time jobs try to find a compatible life partner. The Happiness Singles Culture Member’s Club (“The Home of Single Friends”) is a singles’ club in north-east central Beijing, around since 2003.

For the participants it was a bit of fun, yes, but behind it all it was the search for a potential life partner.

I was a curiosity of course, but when I asked how someone usually looked for a partner, or why they came along that day, the answer was always the same.

And he’s very clever, he can count in Chinese.” The night wound down after a couple of hours, the end signaled by a blast of pop music and a mass desertion of the dance floor.

Back pockets stuffed with the contact information of some half-dozen prospects, the bachelors departed, including your humble correspondent, into the winter night — where not so much love, but more a biting chill, was in the air.

The only other way was to rely on introductions from friends and colleagues.


  1. This is a great early gauge of "commitment," because if he's looking for a one-night stand, he probably isn't going to go back and forth with you sharing his innermost thoughts.

  2. Auch Dicke Titten sind sehr beliebt und das auch verständlicherweise.

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