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After Adam’s “macho” tape also proves to be a waste of time, Bev decides it’s time to toss the video dating aside and break out her “yenta-dex,” which I’m just going to presume is an actual thing that the real Beverly Goldberg has, even if maybe she doesn’t call it that. She doesn’t have give up, though, because Bill’s over it, leaving Erica to decide that the only way left for her to prove her own skills as a matchmaker is to do a video-dating ad herself. Indeed, it’s a testament to just how badly it goes that she both seeks out Barry in hopes that he might provide her with a moment of positivity and, after that goes as badly as one might reasonably have expected, throws in the towel altogether and starts flipping through Bev’s yenta-dex.

The district court granted summary judgment to Lilly and Barricks appeals.

Because Barricks cannot show that Lilly's stated reason for declining to give the raise-her performance-is a pretext for discrimination, we affirm the judgment of the district court. BACKGROUNDLilly employs a somewhat involved methodology to determine which employees in Barricks's department should receive raises (or “merit increases” as Lilly calls them).

Callen, who’s done a remarkable job of taking a character who seems completely one-dimension on paper and giving him some legitimate emotional heft even when he’s talking about something as ridiculous as having a “gym son.” In the end, Murray does what we always knew he’d do: he agrees that there’s nothing wrong with Barry being a gym teacher, but lest I neglect to mention it, Troy Gentile somehow managed to kick his usual frantic performance up another notch this week during his training scenes while still successfully bringing it down to give some nicely subtle line readings when trying to give Coach back his whistle.

Maybe it’s the move to 8 pm or maybe it’s just the gradual evolution of the show, but I’m loving where season four of “The Goldbergs” is taking us so far, and I can’t wait to see where it’s heading from here.

The computer produces for each employee a “range of allowable merit increases”-for instance, between $50 and $100 per month-from which the shift supervisor, the human resources manager, and the department head decide on a raise.

They begin with the range midpoint- in the above example-and give exemplary employees raises toward the high end of the range, and weaker employees raises toward the low end, offsetting any dollar amounts above the midpoint with lower-than-midpoint raises.”) makes it quite clear that it’s a one-man operation – using their advanced VHS technology. A mere 9…followed, of course, by lifetime fees of only .99, but that’s just standard practice.But, hey, you also get a surprisingly expensive free totebag that says, “I love VD”!One thing’s for certain: you don’t have to have actually lived through the ‘80s to know that whenever a product or service is being sold by John Calabasas, it’s destined to be a short-lived fad at best.There’s a temptation to call him the “Goldbergs” equivalent of Gil from “The Simpsons,” but to find a better comparison, you really need to go back to the original inspiration for Gil: Calabasas has the smarm of Ricky Roma with the success rate of Shelley “The Machine” Levene, and his remark that they – by which he means “he,” since the sign for John Calabasas Video Dating (“IT’S A REAL BUSINESS!That said, we do get some real comedic gems during the window when Bill is still in play as a video dater, the majority of which comes via Erica’s decision to ask Adam to help put together Bill’s tape.

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