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He wants to own me as his property and he lives near me. I want a gentleman who would dance with me and when I...

Someone who can make me cry out in pain and pleasure. Someone who will teach me the ways of being a sub, taking my feelings seriously.

While my Master and I are Gorean, I have intimate knowledge of other forms of consensual slavery as well.

Any guy I've dated wasn't into anything like that, but I really want it, really, really, bad.

I would love to be an obediant, submissive, and perfect little **** slave for a... He must be tall, caucasian, NO BISEXUALS OR BEGINNERS..ready to own me.

In addition, I have been a slave for over ten years, and during that time was trained by three different Masters with regards to slavery in general as well as how to serve them in particular.

One of these Masters required me to train the other slaves in his chain.

Or, perhaps a BDSM event, such as Spanksgivng in the St. Again, the site i gave You previously has information on such gatherings. If You have any further questions, feel free to send them my way.

arani_Cs A, devoted property of Clampius_Arelius I am available to answer any questions you might have about Master/slave relationships.

I am in college and I'm working so I hope the Master that wishes for me will be understanding.

Unfortunately I don't have my own place and live with the rentals. I've never been owned, never had a Master, and never even have had any real bondage/bdsm experiences.

I will be your online my private property and slave.. But I need someone to control me, to punish me, an to tell me when I can't eat, when I can pee, how I can pee, when I can touch my body .


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