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The virus has been reported to be present in sperm or vaginal secretions, so transmission through sexual intercourse with an infected person may be possible.Oral sex with a person infected with the rabies virus may also carry a risk.Support the work and the website, it's critical to the fight - donate here.

There are documented cases of human-to-human rabies transmission in the recipients of transplanted corneas and other solid organs where rabies infection in the donor was not suspected.

If you have had risky contact with an infectious person 14 days prior to the onset of clinical symptoms, post-exposure prophylaxis is recommended.

Bites or contact with saliva from a person infected with rabies during the symptomatic stage of the disease could theoretically transmit rabies and people who have been exposed to rabies patients should be offered post-exposure prophylaxis.

Casual contact with a person infected with symptomatic rabies (touching unbroken skin or contact with non-infectious tissues or bodily fluids) cannot transmit the rabies virus to another person.

90% of human rabies cases are caused by a bite (or scratch) from a rabid dog.

The rabies virus becomes noninfectious when it dries out and when it is exposed to sunlight.Because heat kills the virus, pasteurized milk from an animal with clinical rabies does not contain infectious rabies virus and is not a risk.Nevertheless, it is recommended that you avoid consuming milk or other products from rabid animals.Preparing meat from wildlife is also considered a high risk activity for rabies transmission and hunters are encouraged to wear protective clothing and barriers, such as gloves, face masks and coats, when butchering animals they have killed.In some countries it is prohibited to slaughter animals that are known to have been exposed to rabies in the recent past.This means that animals can transmit rabies to other animals and people even if they are not yet sick because of their infection.


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