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They like having him around.” MORE: Jennifer Lopez Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction on the Red Carpet!However, don't expect Jennifer, 47, to be heartbroken over the Canadian rapper.

Love triangle scandals have trailed many a star, and the Robsten incident highlights how infidelity can forever shadow a celebrity.

More details are just one click away, evidence that Stewart's drama isn't exactly atypical.

It seemed Crudup, who met Parker during a 1996 revival of William Inge's play "Bus Stop," had fallen for another actress.

In 2004 he confirmed he was dating his "Stage Beauty" costar Claire Danes, although the couple denied an affair.

Meanwhile, take a look back at Jennifer's extensive dating history, in the gallery below!

He is known for his womanising ways on Made In Chelsea.

“He’s been in contact with Rihanna, and he has his heart set on winning her back. Lo, but he misses Rihanna.” (Photo Credit: Getty Images) Things were getting serious between the "Hotline Bling" singer and the former judge — with J. "Drake has been hanging out at Jennifer’s new house in Bel Air.

He has been there several times and is getting to know her kids,” a source told . Her kids really like him and they know all of his songs.

It's more akin to an 18-30s holiday than a TV competition.'Mail Online have contacted their reps and Channel 4 for comment.


  1. Give your date a few reasons to like you before giving reasons to take pause.

  2. Citer ni aku aku kutip dari mana ntah, aku pun tak tau pengarang sebenarnya. Awek ni terus baring balik kat sebelah aku dan tangannya capai balik kat batang aku.

  3. Never in six years have I met a single person in these holes who was intelligent or cultivated.

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