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Allen allegedly held the woman hostage for six days in his trailer.

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The New York Times reported that students can easily choose which schools and programs can see their profile. Campus Hook: This top dating website for college students prides itself on having members from all different social circles.

Students can search for other members by zip code or by school. University Love Connection: As another popular dating service, this site has attracted thousands of students across the country.

Adams shared his dating resume Wednesday after a woman posted on the university’s class of 2018 Facebook page saying her roommate needed a formal date.

The resume included hobbies and what he looks for in a romantic partner. Less than a week later, Adams has been featured on Buzz Feed and “Good Morning America.” He’s also been invited to several formals in and around Lansing.

Other students are so swamped with homework, internships, jobs and campus activities that they don’t have a lot of time to socialize.

Still others may be a bit shy and have trouble meeting new people in person.

The woman returned to the sorority house on April 18 only after agreeing that she wouldn’t contact police about Allen.

According to the paper, the woman was immediately checked into a hospital and investigators noted that she had multiple bruises around her head and neck and had two black eyes.

There are countless reasons why it’s hard for college students to meet new people.


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