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Can you reasonably expect Jay Electronica to have that kind of shelf life without ever releasing an actual project? Fetty Wap and Taylor Swift, music’s favorite couple, are both set to release their own albums to commercial and critical success; everyone, from children to adults, will be able to download the streams directly into their brain thanks to the brand new Apple Chip. Oh yeah, the Cubs won the World Series and hoverboards still don't work on water. Now think about how many of those acts experience long term, consistent commercial success for more than ten years. Look at what Jay Z has done to stay relevant, album after album and endeavor after endeavor.

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Prayer” it’s like returning back to the day I first heard him. He’s impossible to mirror or mimic, even if you could break his style down to a science, you can’t recreate the mystic of the man. If doesn’t, we have music, enough music to constantly remind ourselves that this man is a great MC.

He’s not the kind of artist that moves millions of records, he isn’t Drake, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t an impeccable rapper and artist.

This man is not ordinary, to believe he’s expected to be confounded by conventional rules is like expecting to tame a dragon because you can get your dog to roll over. The only thing that should cause us to cease all conversations concerning Jay Electronica will be when the music becomes bad.

When the talent begins to rot, when he stops giving us a reason to demand an album, that’s when he will disappear.

They treated him like he was Barack Obama, creating a path for him to dap Jay Elect. Elect stopped mid-song to address the crowd to say he didn’t like what was going on in rap and that he came to spit the real and didn’t come with a new dance. Hova—equipped with his chunky Nation of Gods and Earths chain—was home to support one of his biggest gets as a record executive. Jay Z needs Elect like he needed Beanie in the late '90s/early '00s. Today Jigga is almost a billionaire and far removed from the streets he once ran.

The crowd went nuts, we went nuts, Insanul started his rap hands routine, it was phenomenal. As the dust settled a bit, Electronica told the audience to put their diamonds up, and as a sample of a Minister Farrakhan speech echoes throughout the venue, Jay Z hopped on stage and gets right into his freestyle over Big Daddy Kane’s “Young, Black, And Gifted,” a fitting first song for a guy said to be out of touch with his roots. Hard Knock Life and officially crossing over, the Philly sound kept the Roc street.

are just a few of the ways you may describe Cara Delevingne.

But while she may still be a bit of a newbie on the Hollywood scene, she seems to be pretty well-versed in the dating world.

Elect appeared and started performing “Exhibit A,” another Just Blaze heater. on stage and the Zulu Nation providing security, this was a serious situation. Cole came through to perform "Just Begun." This marked the first time all three of Roc Nation's Js touched the stage at the same show. With Cole and Jigga being the only two consistently releasing music, them being there for Elect's official return spoke volumes.

Bogus Boys’ “Going In For The Kill” blaring through the speakers, the Fruit of Islam started the show with a military drill, a subtle shot at Peter Rosenberg and an ode to Chuck Dangerous and the S1-W. Mac Miller came out for "Suplexes Inside of Complexes and Duplexes," and Talib Kweli and J.

Music works in a similar way, artist come and go, constantly replacing the hot commodity before them.

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