Is diego luna dating anyone

On-again/Off-again or casual hook up on occasion, either way, they have their groove together.

Other victims include Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried.

In Lovato’s leaked image, she’s shown lying in bed with her top unzipped.

They look like the quarterback and the cheerleader headed to their lockers with that nonsense.

But listen Diego: when you’re done with blonde models, Jabba and I will be over here waiting for you.

Earlier this week, we chatted with Zach Neil, who will bring Stay Classy, a Will Ferrell-themed pop-up to Boston next month.

The temporary bar and eatery is the second in a series of temporary concepts stemming from the original Stay Classy, that spent a year in operation in New York under Neil and his partner, Brian Link.

As for Diego, he split from the mother of his children, Camila Sodi, back in 2013.

Seems that former Bradley Cooper flame Suki Waterhouse has had enough of “silver linings” and is all about “The Force” these days.

TMZ posted photos of the 25-year-old canoodling in paradise with “Rogue One” star Diego Luna on a recent trip to Tulum, Mexico.

The 37-year-old actor and Suki recently co-starred in cannibal thriller, "The Bad Batch," alongside Jim Carrey, Keanu Reeves, Jason Momoa and Giovanni Ribisi.

Suki Waterhouse knows age ain’t nothing but a number when you’re with a hotshot like Diego Luna on his home turf. [From TMZ] Suki, as we know, has no issue with age differences, having gotten fairly serious with Bradley Cooper, who was 17 years her senior, and James Marsden, who was 18 years older than her. However, I have a huge issue with people who aren’t me macking on Diego Luna!


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