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In Thailand, no one gives a damn about where you are from. I remember being out and that remix song “If you’re going to San Francisco” by Scott Mc Kenzie came on and all the girls were singing the chorus at the top of their lungs. Or when I’d say I’m from Las Vegas, I’d be met with a blank stare, compared to in the Philippines girls and guys alike would be excited to talk about it. There I met people that I shared intrinsic interests with.It was a huge obstacle to negotiate these language barriers everywhere else but in Manila even the garbage men spoke English.Decent girls are sometimes reluctant to go out with you because they don’t want anyone they know to think they’re whores.

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Everywhere I looked there was a girl I wanted to smash.

It reminded me of Latin culture because of the passion the girls had.

Bahasa Indonesion is very easy to pick up since there isn’t much grammar and it sounds phonetically the way it’s spelled.

There’s so many fine women in that place, it was hard to leave.

Coming from two very reserved places and then jumping into that was great.

The girls have these curvy bodies and the sex was amazing.

Indonesia was a welcome relief and where I first started doubling up consistently.

I went from being just another “falang” in Thailand (and even in Vietnam) to exploiting the “white god factor”.

I learned that if you make even the smallest amount of eye contact, that is a good indicator that she’s interested.

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