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The absolute last thing you want during a Skype interview is to have a delayed or spotty connection.Triple check the signal in your interview spot, and if you can't get most (if not all) bars anywhere in your place, Hill suggests signing up for Skype credit to access Wi-Fi hot spots. "If you're doing an interview where you'll be required to demo a skill such as writing code or using a certain tool, make sure you've practiced how to share your screen," says Hill."Nothing is more distracting than someone, or something, interrupting the conversation," says Hill.

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Before the call, "have the appropriate programs ready to go and close out any other windows.

You don't want to accidentally give [your interviewer] a view of a personal email or awkward article you were reading."Get camera-ready.

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More and more, companies are using Skype to suss out job candidates.

"Swap out any crazy spring-break pictures or fish faces and choose a recent, polished headshot."Set the Stage.

"Find a place in your home that has a clean backdrop," says Hill.

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"Send your resume or work samples via IM at the start of the call so your interviewer has materials at [his or her] fingertips," says Hill.


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  7. Do this by yourself, with a trusted friend, or with a coach. Let me know how it goes after you implement these 5 tips!

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