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The teen years tend to be filled with very strong ups and downs, going from crisis to crisis.

A common type of crisis predators use is the "ups-and-downs-of-relationships-between-teens-and-parents." Predators see tremendous opportunities to bond with a teen over how they both "hate their parents." Some predators even know how to do a search within websites to find certain phrases that identify easy targets.

At the time, her mom assumed what she was doing online was harmless, though Alicia was engaging in conversations of a sexual nature with someone who she thought was a fellow teen. Alicia had been abducted by the man she was talking to online. Three days later the FBI found Alicia in his townhouse.

According to a Nielsen Report , "57% of teen social networkers say they looked to their online social network for advice." Young people are doing more than chatting with friends or looking up resources for school; many of them find themselves accepting friend requests or chat invitations from people they do not know.

Alicia Kozakiewicz was abducted by an online predator in 2002. When her parents called her down for dessert, she was nowhere to be found.

July 8, 2011 Online predators and traffickers are infiltrating the internet.

From social networking sites to chat rooms, online forums and other communication venues, these predators are using the vulnerability of young people to manipulate them in different ways.

For the rest of their lives they have reunions and travel to meet up with each other well into their 70,'s 80's and 90's.

This psychological tendency to become so close over crises can be something very simple too.Often, teens are hesitant to ask questions from their own inner-circle of friends, because it is like admitting they still don't know the answer themselves.Teens are more likely to ask a "new friend," who is out of their inner circle, a question about relationships, love or sex.It is exactly how predators gain trust of the teens online.Exploring these new emerging questions about life is how teens bond, get closer and develop trust.This instant closeness and trust can happen by doing something as simple as going to an extremely scary movie together.

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