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A slightly more advanced system was TJ , could respond to tour-start commands, but then, again, just offered a pre-programmed tour with fixed programmer-defined verbal descriptions.

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However, not only the phenomenal simplicity but also the accompanying inflexibility and cost of this traditional setting is often changing nowadays.

For example, one might want to have broader-domain and less application-specific robots, necessitating more generic designs, as well as less effort by the programmer-engineers on site, in order to cover the various contexts of operation.

In this paper, an overview of human–robot interactive communication is presented, covering verbal as well as non-verbal aspects.

Following a historical introduction, and motivation towards fluid human–robot communication, ten desiderata are proposed, which provide an organizational axis both of recent as well as of future research on human–robot communication.

Thus, it makes sense to capitalize on this existing ability of non-expert humans by building robots that do not require humans to adapt to them in a special way, and which can fluidly collaborate with other humans, interacting with them and being taught by them in a natural manner, almost as if they were other humans themselves.

Thus, based on the above observations, the following is one classic line of motivation towards justifying efforts for equipping robots with natural language capabilities: why not build robots that can comprehend and generate human-like interactive behaviours, so that they can cooperate with and be taught by non-expert humans, so that they can be applied in a wide range of contexts with ease?

Even better, one might want to rely less on specialized operators, and to have robots interact and collaborate with non-expert humans with a little if any prior training.

Ideally, even the actual traditional programming and re-programming might also be transferred over to non-expert humans; and instead of programming in a technical language, to be replaced by intuitive tuition by demonstration, imitation and explanation [27], [28] and [29].

Learning by demonstration and imitation for robots already has quite some active research; but most examples only cover motor and aspects of learning, and language and communication is not involved deeply.

And this is exactly where natural language and other forms of fluid and natural human–robot communication enter the picture: Unspecialized non-expert humans are used to (and quite good at) teaching and interacting with other humans through a mixture of natural language as well as nonverbal signs.

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