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” is “Oh, I love them ALL,” well, you’ll know they’re liars.

“Would You Rather” initiates a lively dialogue that is creative and different every time. ” Pet owners must care for something in addition to themselves, indicating a sensitive and a responsible nature.

No doubt that your fellow chatter will want to reciprocate with his or her original retort. Finding commonalities from the best dog park or what to feed Mr.

We have compiled a list of surefire conversation starters for a stress-free introduction.

1) “Describe the Perfect Day” Narrow your query down by asking about his or her perfect Sunday or to share their pick of the most beautiful place in the world.

Providing a glimpse into what you do with your free time or your definition of beauty helps to describe your priorities, hobbies and practices that you hold dear.

Your perfect day could entail some R&R by the pool, spending time with family or volunteering in your community.

Whiskers lets you carry on an informative and entertaining conversation.

In addition, animals can be the funniest creatures, complete with paw-in-the-paint-bucket stories or fond memories from childhood. Is it the middle of the night or during broad daylight? There may be many variables on how you came upon this fictional cash, but look – now you are having a conversation!

Sharing some insight on eating a live goldfish to impress your friends in college, to getting a scorpion tattoo at 17 in your cousin’s garage, or simply forgetting your passport on your European vacation just reminds us that we are all human and can learn from those painful and oftentimes comical blunders. “Would You Rather” is a unique conversation starter/game that constantly evolves.

Although there are several variations, “Would You Rather” is a riddle that you propose to another, giving two options, requiring a choice between the two.

He asked her a silly question and started grilling her with more and more trivia questions, teasing her about what she might win if she got all the questions right. “It made me funny in response to him,” she replied. They’re just as boring as the ones that you received.

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