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DV can happen to anyone, regardless of age, race, sex, education level, religion, or economic status. For example, uses them to relay messages, threatens to keep them from you, or threatens to call CPS on you.

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Depending on the charges, a sentence may include: Programs for abuse issues, Alcohol/Drug Counseling, Probation, Jail, or a combination of these.

An Order of Protection (OP), or restraining order, is issued by the Judge ordering the defendant to stay away from you and have no contact with you by phone, mail or third parties.

After an arraignment, you will be notified by mail to appear for the next court date, usually a pre-trial conference.

The DA’s Office will try to limit the number of times you need to come in for your convenience and safety. If he/she chooses to waive, then the case will be transferred to the grand jury where felony level cases are handled.

DV can occur between spouses, intimate partners, family members, and within dating relationships.

It can occur within both heterosexual and gay/lesbian relationships.

□ Is verbally abusive- calls you names or puts you down. □ Doesn’t take responsibility for his/her actions or minimizes them. The defendant (perpetrator) is formally charged and either bail is set or the defendant is released.

Bail is the Judge’s decision, and is based on the likelihood that the defendant will return to court.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone can seek the help of a BE-SAFE Advocate.

You do not need to have a pending criminal case to access services. Click HERE to access our BE SAFE Brochure and Safety Plan Click HERE to access our Spanish-language brochure Domestic Violence (DV) is a pattern of behavior and coercive control that may include physical, emotional, verbal, psychological, economic/financial, and/or sexual abuse perpetrated by one person to gain and maintain power and control over another within a family or intimate relationship.

A safety plan is a tool which enables victims of domestic abuse to assess their options and reduce their risk of further abuse.

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