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If a subcontractor is not permitted to verify via VIR, you will be directed to the county tax office to complete your renewal. Motor vehicles 6,001 to 10,000 pounds, which includes heavier pickup trucks, pay a base registration fee.

Heavy vehicles, including heavy-duty pickups, motor homes and commercial trucks, will find their registration fees fall into seven weight classifications between 6,001 pounds and 80,000 pounds.

To register by mail, send the following to your county tax office: To register your vehicle in person, take your registration renewal notice and proof of current liability insurance to your county or an approved substation.

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Trailer and travel trailer fees are $45 to register a trailer up to 6,000 pounds.

The standard fee for mopeds and motorcycles is a base registration fee of $30.

If you are renewing your registration at a county subcontractor location, such as your local grocery store, they may not accept your VIR as proof of inspection.

Each county determines whether their subcontractors can verify inspection via VIR. The standard fee for cars and lighter pickup trucks is a base registration fee of $50.75.

If your vehicle passed inspection but the system is unable to electronically verify it, you may present the passing VIR you received from the inspection station to the county at the time of renewal.

If you need to show proof of inspection to complete your vehicle’s registration renewal, visit download, display electronically, or print a copy of the document.

Stickers for motorcycles are smaller and are displayed in the top right corner of the license plate.

Since March 1, 2015, your current registration sticker also serves as proof of vehicle inspection.

Certain counties are permitted to assess an additional fee for transportation not to exceed to fund long-term transportation projects in the county.


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