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Similarly, emotions will find a way to work their way out of your system (whether that be through sleeping less, picking fights more, or getting sick, etc.) if you don’t address the source of the problem.

Close friends and relatives notice these small “leaks” of emotions and often feel like they are placed in an awkward situation of wanting to help but not knowing how to approach the sensitive situation.

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Read More » Re: Proposal for date change for Cayman Carnival Batabano and Braccanal I would greatly appreciate if you would allow me the opportunity to respond to the article that was published in the edition of Friday 26th August as per the above reference. Read More » Dear Editor, Re: Proposal for date changes for Cayman Carnival Batabano and Braccanal We would like to propose a date change for both of our Carnivals here in the Cayman Islands to enhance our entertainment tourism product for both Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Read More » Cissy came to Cayman initially to impart her skill and knowledge of credit unions.

She loved the place and brought wealth to start a business and she left us a legacy.

Read More » Dear Editor: Your Viewpoint article of Tuesday, 31 May, 2016 applied the negative term “failing facility” to Cayman Turtle Farm. Read More » Dear Editor RE: Recent Amendments to the National Pensions Law – give them a chance to work It seems that those who are petitioning against the amendments to the National Pensions Law (NPL), which was recently passed in the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly, may have a deficit of facts, especially …

Can I ask you the two fundamental questions: What is your vision of true value? Read More » January 18th, 2016 Dear Editor RE: Personal Opinion – Staggered Time is a cost effective short term remedy Does Grand Cayman need to adopt Staggered Time?“I know we haven’t known each other for too long even though it feels like we’ve known each other for ages.So please don’t feel pressured to tell me anything if you’re not comfortable.She was a woman of substance, a phenomenal woman whose passion and skill for credit unions will forever remain …Read More » I would like to make a few points about real issues that are effectively weakening the landscape, culture, heritage and moral makeup of who we were and what we represented as Caymanians.Think of a house with water leaking through the roof.


  1. Along with releasing a few gospel albums, Williams has been romantically linked to former NFL player Adewale Ogunyele for several years. Last December, Williams traveled to Ogunyele’s native country Nigeria to sing the country’s national anthem at an event.

  2. September 25, 2014 - we are continuing to make changes to make your Free Webcam Experience better.

  3. The X- shaped perforations and supports are generated from the store’s logo: Bestias XX Given the project’s short construction time and it restricted budget it was decided to minimize the use of conventional manual labour and instead of what would traditionally be called “building” a store we decided to “manufacture” the shop.

  4. It certainly can be complicated because your resume is going to be reviewed by software as well as by hiring managers.

  5. And her relatives were required to sign similar agreements saying they would not sue if she was killed on the show." The agreement, posted on journalist Peter Lance's Web site, also contained a confidentiality clause.

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  7. The nominee, who was 59 years old at the time, had just married his third wife, Melania Trump.

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