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Rockefeller, who drank alcohol, wasn’t interested in what was good for the churchgoers, he was interested in what would grow his vast wealth. imports hundreds of millions worth of hemp materials every year, while struggling family farmers across the U. It wasn’t until the development of hemp fabric that large ships were able to sail the seas using hemp as the fabric for their sails, the hemp fiber in the rope, and the hemp resin and fiber in the caulking, and hemp oil for the preservation of the planks.

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In Haiti and other poor countries, home-grown hemp fiber mixed with lime, water, and sand can be used to make lightweight concrete for building inexpensive, sturdy homes that can withstand hurricanes and earthquakes because the hempcrete can be reinforced with easy-to-grow bamboo (instead of expensive, imported steel rods). Why is there so much controversy surrounding the cannabis plant? Understanding where the issues stem from that surround Cannabis, both industrial and medicinal, allows us to make the right decisions today for a better, more sustainable conscience tomorrow.

It has been with much pride that I was able to share with John an American-Canadian hemp perceptive.

Withholding medical cannabis from patients one of the most sadistic, and imprisoning otherwise innocent citizens for personal cannabis use the most hypocritical, destructive and unfair.

This book shines a bright light of truth, exposing the lie that is prohibition.” traces the recent and chaotic history of the plant, its prohibition and the fights against it.

More money has been spent in the history of the world to try to control and ban the cannabis plant than has been spent on controlling any other plant.

Industrial hemp can be used to make paper and cardboard that is stronger, of better quality, and lasts longer than paper and cardboard made from trees.

Oh wait, alcohol is legal, despite the fact that nearly 12,000 people a year die in alcohol-related car crashes (zero from marijuana). Considering the many beneficial uses of hemp for clothing, sustainable fuel, paper and even a strong, flexible (construction) product called hempcrete, isn't this what the world needs now?

While farmers can't get a buzz off it, the economy definitely can. Rockefeller owned Standard Oil, a petroleum company operating out of Cleveland, Ohio. government continues to use the lie that if farmers were permitted to grow hemp, they would also be growing marijuana.

Rather than tiptoeing around the tension, he acknowledges that hemp and marijuana are irrevocably intertwined despite the vastly different varietal characteristics of the cannabis plant.

In all, Mc Cabe presents compelling evidence and then steps back - allowing the reader to personally consider the possible outcomes of re-introducing legal hemp agriculture in the United States as well as revising retributional drug policies worldwide.” “A very thorough and comprehensive overview of this amazing food, fuel, and fiber plant.

One key target was the hemp plant, which was being used to make ethanol for gasoline engines and oil for diesel engines. also forced many other countries to outlaw the farming of hemp. Every ship needed to continually replace its sails and rope, which meant that each country needed access to hemp fiber.


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