Turn off updating intellisense

I get to #3137 which is closed as a dupe of #2496 which is closed as a dupe of this issue which...

I'd be happy to open a PR if someone could point me to the right area.

I'm not sure why these were the only languages that made the cut :) EDIT: Spoke too soon!

Has anyone actually solved this, or did that issue get conflated with the ability to completely disable intellisense?

The docs suggest it's still not possible to disable by file format.

Simply right-click anywhere on the Visual Studio error list (the click , not outside), then uncheck “Show Intelli Sense Errors”. There is one small irritating issue with this solution: your setting is not persisted in the registry, so the errors have to be turned off every time you start Visual Studio.

Don't try to content assist / perform intellisense when writing a comment.

Last, it's aligned with what other editors do, so with muscle memory of those users. I've never seen another editor suggest random words from the file when typing comments. I'm fine with having to set a value to turn it off, but please give me that ability...

and I mean turning off suggestions in comments entirely. unless I'm missing something, there's been no proposed workaround for the problem of showing suggestions, only for turning off autocomplete on enter, which is more of a symptom than the actual disease.

I think the real issue is that 24x7 Intelli Sense shouldn't be active in all cases, esp when a 'smart' completion provider is there but didn't produce a result.

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