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Blasters who are able to earn over 800€ within a month, will be rewarded with a 10% Extrabonus on the total revenues of that month.Test your writing skills now: engage your audience!

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A lot of companies operate under these guidelines, and the majority of people that are part-time in this business, they have a hard time retailing $2500 a month, retailing and wholesaling $2500 a month.

The problem is once you have someone reach the Supervisor rank, as part of your personal volume to meet your 2500 volume points.

In short, Mid and Senior Blasters are experts on their areas of interest, have developed a strong background in journalism, and have great writing skills.

Becoming a Senior Blaster is a great privilege and a great responsibility.

Now where it gets tricky as I mentioned is let’s say that I have two or three folks that are underneath me that are selling $500 or $1000 or $1500 a month and they’re helping me reach my 2500 volume points that’s required to earn my full royalty.

When they breakaway, they become my organizational volume and I will earn 5 percent residual income on that, only though if I maintain my 2500 volume points myself.

So let’s say that I’m retailing, selling, wholesaling to my Distributors 00 a month and then one of those Distributors reached the rank of Supervisor. Up until that point, I’m able to make wholesale profit on what my Distributors are selling.

So I’m at 50 percent buying privileges because that’s what happens when you are a supervisor. If they’re selling at 25 percent and I’m at 50 percent buying privileges, I earn the 25 percent wholesale profit within the Herbalife Compensation Plan.

Now what happens is once you reach either 2500 volume points in personal sales between you and your distributors two consecutive months in a row, or 4000 volume points in one calendar month, you advance to the next rank which is Supervisor.

Now where it gets a little tricky is that there’s a breakaway and as you know, if you’ve been on the Time And site and you watched one of the webinars that we’ve done with about the “MLM Industry Lies Exposed”, one of the biggest problems within compensation plans are the breakaways that take place. When I have one of my Distributors reach the level of Supervisor, and we’re both at the 50 percent buying privileges, that’s where the breakaway occurs.

We’re going to go through some of the Herbalife Distributor levels, or statuses, and how people get paid within this Herbalife Compensation Plan overview.


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