Simple secrets of dating pdf

Remember that weaknesses are far more visible than strengths, but that it is a sign of personal weakness to play on the shortcomings of another.

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A simple touch of the hand can be simply enthralling; a gentle whisper in the ear can send your partner reeling.

To keep such small but profound acts alive is to keep love alive.

Your loved ones may want what's best for you, but their biased advice or out-of-line behavior may affect the delicate dynamic with your partner.

Bringing in the energies of others may do more harm than good, especially if your relationship is already in trouble. Ask the divine world for help, not overly opinionated friends.

Everyone will offer you their take on what's right but no one can actually offer you what's right. When plagued by doubts in love, pray, meditate, and look for answers within yourself. For the sake of your relationship, let your proud guard down.

Take nothing personal; even if your partner does something irrefutably wrong, understand that he or she may have personal issues that you know nothing about and that also have nothing to do with you.Instead of starting the day by chiding your partner for something they did wrong, begin your day by thanking them: "Thank you for being next to me and with me. A simple "I'm proud of you" can uplift their entire day.Intimacy is not restricted to intercourse; it is intense bonding of the body, mind, and spirit.It's easy to take a wrong turn in our quest for the perfect relationship; we may overthink things, complicate matters, or act in ways we later regret.Revert to these eternal, infallible principles to navigate through your labyrinth of love: We often forget that when it comes to love, simplicity is key.Dig deeper than mundane conversation; reach heightened intimacy by engaging in topics of true substance.

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