Widows in early 50s and dating remarriage

However, I fear that our understanding of the afterlife, and it’s emphasis in LDS teachings may prevent some marriages that could be help people now and through eternity.For young LDS widows, their prospects for remarriage may be bleak because of this doctrine.

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Of course, the dynamic is different for a young widower, since men can have multiple wives sealed to them for eternity (although they may feel they are betraying their first wife by marrying again).

A little deeper than just having the opportunity to be sealed to a spouse, is the concern of loving both husbands and having to choose between them in the next life.

I hope that she has the opportunity to find a loving man who will be a good husband and father.

However, I wonder if her chances are lower somehow compared to women who have never been married in the temple.

This went to the very core of their overall sense of wellbeing.

It has been described as "being lost without a compass," usually due to their profound loneliness but also because widowers often depended on their wives for many things like managing the household, caring for their children, and being their only true confidant.by Jessawhy A recent tragedy in my stake has renewed my questions about the church’s stance on sealings in the afterlife.Our stake president’s son suddenly died at age 34 leaving a young wife and four small children.Does anyone know how church leaders are taught to counsel men who may potentially marry a widow?Are they encouraged or discouraged from marrying without the hope of temple sealing?Similarly, the loss of a wife can have adverse consequences on the widower's physical health.


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