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Kind of like Stephen Colbert's "I don't see color." Or am I fooling myself?After my article on women without children in midlife went viral and I got several requests to write about single women in midlife, I wondered ...

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Am I as inclusive as I think toward my single female friends?

Am I making assumptions or being insensitive at times?

An immigrant from Bangladesh turned a near-death hate crime experience into a nonprofit aimed at educating people on the power of forgiveness.

This is from a series of short films called The Secret Life of Muslims, created by filmmaker Joshua Seftel.

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Gertrude agrees, wishing she had a partner to lean on, "It would be nice if someone was waiting to see me at the end of the day, to give me that warm hug and to offer support when I am going through something." Nights can be lonely: "You have a lot of lunches with married friends because dinner time is for their families.

Sometimes that means you are home alone on a Saturday night, unless you have lots of single friends," explains Stephanie.

Family members may have unfair expectations when it comes to their single middle-aged relatives, especially when they don't have children, like Stephanie: "Even your parents treat you differently when you are single and childless, or at least mine do.

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