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Objective factors which will be used to decide, including whether an avatar has childlike facial features, is child-sized, has clothing or accessories generally associated with children, and whether, based on the circumstances, an avatar is speaking or acting like a child ("My Mommy says...").

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It lays out a relational approach to studying children, youth and development with age and generation as key concepts.

This chapter introduces and develops these central ideas, and their various interpretations, and links them to the contributing chapters.

ABSTRACT: The online blackmail of children within the environment of Internet services (specifically, social networks) has become an extremely dangerous phenomenon that affects 6–8% of Czech children.

Within the following text, data obtained from research conducted in 2013–2015 by the Centre for the Prevention of Risky Virtual Communication, Faculty of Education, Palacky´ University in Olomouc will be discussed.

By the means of communicative content analysis, in this article, authors contrast the research state of the art with the voice of the very minors.

From this analysis, a series of ground rules are defined to be considered in the design of actions aimed at preventing cyber harassment.The text will also be supplemented with a typical blackmail model using intimate and sexually explicit materials (which are referred to as ‘‘sextortion”) that was created based on a detailed analysis of 25 serious cases of online blackmail.The model has been divided into several connected stages through which the online attack is carried out.Most existing preventive programs are designed by and for adults, not accounting for the experiences and views of the potential victims.The approach of preventive socialization emphasizes the need for the participation of minors as well as the importance of acknowledging their voices to develop successful preventive actions in this field.When detected, individuals and groups promoting or providing such content and activities will be subject to sanctions, which may include termination of accounts, closure of groups, removal of content, and loss of land or access to land.


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