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Under the deal, the French and US groups will form an advertising giant with the scale and investment firepower to better cope with rapid changes brought by technology on the business.Rival ad groups have a rare opportunity to swoop up clients as contracts between major advertisers and agencies often include clauses that say they can be renegotiated in the case of agencies being bought or sold.All Gaza's diabetics face slow, ghastly death this way.

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(Egypt blocks supplies from the south, Israel blockades Gaza from the north.) Yesterday an Israeli strike took out Gaza City's electric power, which runs the fresh water system's pumps.

My diabetes is somewhat mild, so if I were otherwise unscathed in Gaza, the lack of refrigeration for what insulin may be available would take a few weeks or a month to kill me.

Without any defections, the Franco-US giant would bring the accounts of major competitors in a number of industries such as Apple and Samsung Electronics, or Coca Cola and Pepsi Co, under one roof.

Publicis Chief Executive Maurice Levy and his Omnicom counterpart, John Wren, spoke to some of their biggest clients before the US$35.1 billion (HK$272.3 billion) deal was announced on Sunday, industry sources said.

Netanyahu is the surviving brother of the only IDF combat death of the successful hostage rescue raid in Idi Amin's Uganda, which made "Bibi" (a famed philanderer, I think he has twice had to apologize on TV) a sort of proxy war hero.

If you are waiting for me to say something nice about Hamas ...

In Israel -- which proudly describes itself as a parliamentary democracy -- only one national institution is respected and trusted by the Israeli people: The IDF, the Israeli military.

From its historically victorious war generals, Israeli party politics regularly choose the next "tough guy" Prime Minister.

Those who want to see more such photos this week should have no difficulties finding them.

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