Updating gcc mac

The script will grab f2c source from Netlib repositories and install a f2c based compiler in /usr/local/. The compiler can be envoked by the commands fc or f2c.

gcc-4.9gz, gfortran-4.9gz (gfortran only), updated Nov 2014 (Mavericks & Yosemite). g77 3.4 : This is the FINAL release of g77 (version 3.4 compiler).

gcc-4.8gz, gfortran-4.8gz (gfortran only), updated Oct 2013 (M. gcc-4.7gz, gfortran-4.7gz (gfortran only), updated July 2012 (Lion & M. Future versions of GCC will have gfortran (see above).

They are included on the retail DVD version of OS X and also available as a free download from Apple's Developer Site.

Please install the most current version of Developer Tools.

Instead of having to download, configure, and install something yourself, all you need to do is run one command, and Homebrew will take care of the rest for you.

Homebrew requires that you have either Xcode or the Xcode command line tools installed on your Mac.

Download my binaries, and cd to the download folder.

Then gunzip g77gz (if your browser didn't do so already) and sudo tar -xvf g77-C /. You will need to have Apple's Developer Tools installed.

Homebrew "installs the stuff that you need that Apple don't".


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