100 dating uk - Ano ang dating pangalan ng ust

Let us check out the negative remarks from the anti-Marcos camp.

Noong Edsa Revolution at sinugod ng mga tao ang Malakanyang, patay kung patay if it was booby trapped or they will be met with gunfire, wala na yang idol mo, TUMAKBO NA!!

Finally he deserves peace and honor whioch was taken away from him from the vindictive aquinos.

sorry no offence meant for you Father as an aquino of different origin.

Hopefully, all these quarrels, enmity, vindictiveness, and divisiveness attributed to him will also be buried in oblivion.

To you Father Ranhilo, you are of the few who stand brave enough to tell the yellow dogs of something they cann ot understand.

Your piece hints the need for us to turn to our common sense at times when we need to be practical, sensible, and reasonable in facing issues of great significance, a clear example is the issue on Marcos’s burial at the LNMB.

I don’t really find any sense in protracting this quarrel over the medals that Marcos claimed to have received and the battles he had that fought that would qualify him the title of a hero, therefore deserving to be given a space at the LNMB.

Yet everytime it rains heavily and water cascades downhill from Quezon City, España immediately floods and the dark, filthy water ends up inside the huge compound of the University of Santo Tomas, turning its campus into a waist-deep lagoon.

May mga drainage (pipes) na malalaki (sa ilalim ng Espana) ang size 2.5 meters by 3 meters.

Hindi naman siguro (cars can go through) but people can walk underneath there.

But when we started checking, marami dito ang carrying capacity had been reduced to 30% because of the heavy siltation.

[Talk was rife then that Ferdinand Marcos gave his wife MMC and the Ministry of Human Settlements as part of his “I’m sorry” for having a scandalous affair with “B” movie actress Dovie Beams.] After the Marcoses fled, MMC morphed into the now-castrated Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

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