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Various agencies and organizations in Alaska have set up webcams to watch the sights at inaccessible or remote sites like the brown bears at Brooks Falls, seabirds on tiny Gull Island, Steller sea lions near Seward, the bald eagle council grounds in Haines, and the inside of a beaver lodge and a salmon run near the Mendenhall Glacier." Go along with a gator as it hunts for food. Afri Cam is a private outfit with links to live cams, refresh-cams, and videos!

Critter Cams show alligators to be skilled underwater hunters. Alligator Snapping Turtle vs Common Snapping Turtle One is a roamer: fast, aggressive, and has major attitude. Arctic Wolf howls for school kids at the San Diego Zoo.

It also has its mouth gaped open and appears to be in a still, almost catatonic, daze." Watch the video for yourself and see what you think. (put the speakers up and listen to the sound) AWESOME!

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This is followed by a selection of candid polar bear photos from Churchill, Manitoba.

Goldfish Videos This site is a place for fanciers of exotic goldfish post videos of their prize fish.

I have been otherwise informed that the "hair" should be called "feathers." I also failed to mention that the nests are often secured using spider webs. Kids can look at animals sorted by class (mammals, birds, et al.) and read facts about them, too.

And, it turns out the first bird to leave the nest is the male, not the female. Online games, hands-on activities, jobs at the zoo, and a section of animal cams & videos!

Quite a few "baby animal cams" - wild bears, birds nesting, pandas, puppies, kittens.

This link defaults to the Beluga Cam at the Vancouver Aquarium. Filming Grizzlies with Gopros In Alaska Up close and personal videos of grizzly bears fishing around Katmai, Alaska, using unmanned cameras that look like rocks.

They're all cool to watch and some are quite beautiful. "A robotic submersible captures the first-ever footage of a great white shark napping.

From Shark Week 2016’s 'Jaws of the Deep.' " "The shark was seen swimming face first into a 3 km/h (1.8 mph) current near the bottom of the shallow seabed, in order to help oxygen-rich water flood over its gills with minimal effort.

From here you can access 13 webcams all over North America: Bison Cam at Plains Bison Water Hole "Bison are the largest indigenous land mammal on the North American continent.

Considered a keystone species, these wooly herbivores helped shaped the ecology of the Great Plains today.

Animal cams are almost always seasonal, which means for part of the year there are no animals!


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