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Always include a timeout when calling // await() to prevent hanging that can occur from the service being shutdown because // of low memory or other conditions.

Log.i(TAG, "Inserting the dataset in the History API."); History Api.insert Data(m Client, data Set) .await(1, Time Unit.

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Data Point data Point = data Set.create Data Point() Time Interval(start Time, end Time, Time Unit. FIELD_STEPS)Int(step Count Delta); data Set.add(data Point); Log.i(TAG, "Updating the dataset in the History API."); Data Update Request request = new Data Update Request. History Api.update Data(m Client, request) .await(1, Time Unit.

Builder() Data Set(data Set) Time Interval(start Time, end Time, Time Unit. MINUTES); // Before querying the data, check to see if the update succeeded. update Status Success()) // At this point the data has been updated and can be read.

The more likely // scenario is wanting to see how many steps were walked per day, for 7 days. // bucket By Time allows for a time span, whereas bucket By Session would allow // bucketing by "sessions", which would need to be defined in code. The resulting data matches the calories per activity as reported in the Google Fit app, with each activity getting its own bucket of calorie data. AGGREGATE_CALORIES_EXPENDED) .bucket By Activity Type(1, Time Unit.

Data Read Request read Request = new Data Read Request. SECONDS) Time Range(start Time, end Time, Time Unit.

I just spent time with a very large group of sweet French Bulldogs, puppies, and Boston terrier moms and puppies that were all rescued from the hell of a puppy mill.

When the mill owner had a medical emergency from using illegal drugs the swift thinking paramedics.

MILLISECONDS) .build(); // Invoke the History API to fetch the data with the query and await the result of // the read request. History Data(m Client, read Request).await(1, Time Unit.

MINUTES); method when this method is called using the default account and no scopes are specified.

MINUTE, -50); long start Time = Time In Millis(); // Create a data source Data Source data Source = new Data Source.

TYPE_RAW) .build(); // Create a data set int step Count Delta = 1000; Data Set data Set = Data Set.create(data Source); // For each data point, specify a start time, end time, and the data value -- in this case, // the number of new steps.

MINUTES); // Before querying the data, check to see if the insertion succeeded. insert Success()) // At this point, the data has been inserted and can be read. "); instances that you insert must have the same number of fields with the same formats as those defined by the data type.


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