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Dark glasses, kitten heels and tonged curls, Adele arrives for an interview at Radio 1 in July 2011. Byn October, she has suffered a vocal cord haemorrhage - but has also met and fallen in love with charity boss Simon Konecki Adele tweeted this picture in December 2011 to show she was on the mend after vocal cord surgery.She's lost weight - claiming it's because she's now a vegetarian. Vogue cover - thanks to a friendship with editor Anna Wintour (and perhaps just a little spot of airbrushing).She's released the album 21, to massive acclaim, and performed Someone Like You at the Brits bursting into tears at the end because of its personal lyrics.

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They would gather 50 to 70, sometimes up to 100 people.'They would dig a trench with a shovel and they would put them all down.

They would execute them - shoot them and bury them in a mass grave.'After ISIS took control of his hometown, shaving and smoking were banned, and people were punished for wearing the 'wrong clothes', he said.

Her single, Chasing Pavements, is at No 2 in the charts, and she favours U. She's working on a second album, but suffering terribly from writer's block.

S designers like Anna Scholz, the plus-size specialist In an ugly jumper at a film premiere in summer 2008. Her hair's lighter than it's ever been and she's wearing proper stage make-up An off-duty star in March 2011.

In heartbreaking footage filmed in an Iraqi refugee camp, a mother has also spoken of her trauma after her seven-year-old daughter stepped on a landmine while trying to flee the terror group.

It comes amid serious concerns about the psychological damage children face after two years fearing for their lives under ISIS.she had many fractures in her leg, she broke it in four places.Her leg was like salt.'They are now being cared for at a camp near Kirkuk.Adel, from the town of Haqija in northern Iraq, recounted: 'They dressed us in the orange suits, got us all ready. not to execute members who tried to cross.'He said the order not to execute him had come from ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.The teenager said: 'When they execute, they don't execute one or two people.Athraa Saleh, a Save the Children case officer who spoke to the children, said the ordeal has left huge psychological scars.

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