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Of the early members only Escalante has remained through all subsequent incarnations of the band.

On the live front The Vandals are headlining rooms like the Hollywood Palladium and the London Astoria and playing many of the major European festivals. The band has still got it, and this one is for the fans.

Making better music has been the Vandals mantra for years and their new album "Internet Dating Super-Studs," which hits the stores on Sept. Internet Dating Super-Studs, makes no apologies for punk rock.

An independent music video was filmed for the song "43210-1." Much of the album is characterized by the pop-punk music and humorous lyrics for which the band is known.

Its title, artwork and bonus features satirize several aspects of internet culture.

All tracks written by Warren Fitzgerald, except where noted.

When Humanity creates a hierarchy Placing blowholes above anemones When sovereign nations have made it policy Slaughter anything that goes with wasabe In the food chain, there is a third rail Winking at mass murder of the yellowtail Let 'em suffocate, there's no intelligence They don't jump through hoops for an audience Say a prayer for the Earth as you make a wish Who will shed one tear for the tuna fish, Or the thousand other species on the ocean floor?"It was not written to satisfy some fantasy that a radio or MTV hit was perhaps in our future," claims chief songwriter and producer Warren Fitzgerald. We love the market we're in, and it's been great to us." The Vandals' first proper album for Kung Fu Records will find the band doing a lot of advance promo in the guise of an Internet "buy the record, date the band, then date each other" scheme that should be a lot of fun, leading up to what could be their best album yet."We came up with this Internet dating scheme as a way to have fun, while trying to stir up some interest in our album," says Escalante, "now that we're finished with the album, I'm thinking it doesn't need some wack scheme to get the word out.It was the band's first album after their permanent move to Kung Fu, after having fulfilled their contract with Nitro Records in 2000.The Kung Fu label had been started in 1996 by Vandals members Joe Escalante and Warren Fitzgerald and had already released a Vandals Christmas album and several re-releases of the band's older material.The song lyrics printed in the album's liner notes are all partially obscured by depictions of popup ads similar to those encountered while web surfing.


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