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She then approached Yuma the next day at school, and said "hello" before running off while blushing.Yuma didn't tell Tori that Cathy was the one who had the cats go to her.

She also has a pink Duel Gazer with a purple lens that she wears with her glasses off, in contrast to Flip, whose Duel Gazer is directly integrated into his glasses.

In the first series, Cathy's casual outfit consisted of a mostly black dress with a white cat tail attached and clawed gloves.

Later, she overheard Yuma's conversation with Astral about Kite.

Then she decided to join the Super Secret Number Card Investigation Club hoping that if she understood more about them Yuma would notice her more.

However, she has shown to have a strong distaste towards dogs (when Pip tried to ask the gang for forgiveness, she brushed it off and displayed much anger, calling them "thieving Dogs! As stated above, Cathy has a bizarre obsession with cats and has the ability to communicate with them.

Her obsession goes to the point that she decorates almost the entire interior of her house with cat-themed paraphernalia.When the tournament began, she witnessed and was surprised at Flip and Bronk running off out of excitement in order to find Duels just before she witnessed Striker kicking a ball into Yuma's face and challenge him to a Duel.During Yuma's Duel with Striker Crossit, due to the effect of his "Stadium of Dreams" Field Spell Card, Cathy along with Caswell were transformed into commentators for the Duel.She has black and white over-knee high socks and black shoes.In the second series, it consisted of a lilac T-shirt with torn-ended sleeves and a red tie, black shorts held up by suspenders (the shorts are lengthened in the dub) and maroon ankle boots with accessories being a collar, matching braclet on her right wrist and a star earring on her right ear. When attending social events such as the World Duel Carnival party, Cathy wears a Chinese style dress, which like most of her other outfits, sports cat like features such as a tail and gloves with the appearance of cat paws and claws.Cathy Katherine, known simply as Cathy (キャッシー, Kyasshī) in the manga and Japanese version and nicknamed Cat (Cat-chan in the manga and Japanese version), is a supporting character appearing in Yu-Gi-Oh! She has an obsession with cats to the extent that she behaves like them and can control and communicate with them.


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