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Most importantly, it puts the buddy icon in the list, making it far easier to locate buddies within a large list where names are harder to pick out than images.

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In the source tarball there is a plugin, contact_priority, that does not install by default.

If installed and loaded, this plugin allows for some modifications to the algorithm that Pidgin uses.

Manage Accounts) to add the account of the appropriate messaging service.

Use the checkbox in the account editor to enable the current account.

Hover over each buddy in the destination group and watch the tooltips that appear. Right-click that entry in the buddy list, click Expand, and then drag the buddy that does not belong out to the group.

Watch the buddy list carefully; a bar will appear to show you where the buddy will go if you are in the right location. Right click a buddy on your list and at the bottom of the menu click "Expand".

Not with Pidgin alone, but the List Handler plugin, which adds some importing and exporting capabilities.

It's likely you have inadvertently combined some buddies into contacts when you did not intend to do so.

We believe that, by adding a second line of text to each buddy list entry, we're able to show more information about each buddy on the buddy list.

The "Big List," as we call it, shows status text and idle time concisely and attractively.

In general, to maintain the aspect ratio, you should begin with a square icon.


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