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He said: "This video has been made to discredit the armed forces.This was said to have been filmed at a time when the Tigers too were operating dressed in Sri Lankan military uniforms." The video was passed to Channel 4 News by a group called Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka.

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Two weeks later, the day before we were to leave for a vacation in Scotland, my brother and I awoke to the sound of distant explosions.

We gazed out our bedroom window at houses burning across the city.

It campaigns for press freedom in the Asian country.

The group said the video was taken in January by a soldier using a mobile phone, when government forces overwhelmed the stronghold of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) at Kilinochchi.

For the first few days, I met friends of friends and, at first, everything was predictable: bursts of nostalgia, debilitating jet lag. In the course of chatting, I'd ask someone for his impressions of the election, and he'd hesitate, say that we shouldn't discuss it on the phone.

I applied sunscreen, took photos of the Indian Ocean. A kind of sickly and cold dread started mixing with my warm reminiscences.

Sri Lanka recently emerged from a 27-year civil war.

Machine-gun nests still sit idle on street corners, anti-aircraft guns poke up between bullet-pocked palms, and—disturbingly—journalists critical of the government continue to vanish.

Sri Lanka’s military says a video clip allegedly showing its soldiers executing prisoners during the battle against Tamil Tigers rebels is a fake.


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